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Reading Emails

How to Change Your Email Notification Sound

With the majority of computer based and some web based email providers, you should receive an email notification sound each time an email arrives in your inbox. This sound is useful for letting you know when somebody has sent you a message. However, you may want to change the sound. In addition to this, you may want to turn the sound off altogether....(more)

Keeping Your Gmail in Check

More than 500 million people on the planet use Gmail. If you are like most of them, checking your Gmail is a habit that is performed regularly and can even be done so several times a day. Checking your Gmail is a user-friendly experience and very simple to do, the following tips are useful for newbies who have just set up an account. The first tip is for those of you who have not yet set up an account and wish to know how to open one....(more)

Handy Tips for an Easier Mac Mail Search

To be efficient when you're reading your emails, you likely will need to search for specific messages at least occasionally. Doing this saves you the hassle of trying to manually scan potentially thousands of messages to find what you need. A Mac Mail search is most effective when you know a few tips that are specific to the application. You can use one or all of these depending on your needs....(more)

How to Use Gmail Photo Sharing

Gmail has a unique feature that allows you to share photos sent to you through your Gmail account. This allows you to share any photo in your Gmail with all your friends, family members, and other Google Plus Circles. Gmail actually has made this process very easy and does not require you to download that picture to your computer before posting it in Google Plus. Below is a complete set of instructions to show you how to use Gmail photo sharing....(more)


Understanding Outlook Spam Blockers

The Outlook spam blocker is designed to help you receive only the email that you actually want. It is helpful to keep junk mail out of your inbox. Your inbox can become crowded with junk mail just like your mailbox at home. Outlook spam blockers stop this so you can easily get to the mail you really need. Some junk mail can even be hazardous to the health of your computer, as it may contain a virus or some general malware....(more)

A Review of SpamExperts Desktop Spam Filter

Finding the best anti-spam tool is no easy feat for most email users. While some products may be powerful but difficult to use, others may prove to be extremely user-friendly and unable to detect covert spam attacks. Choosing software that is a good balance of both is key to your online security. SpamExperts Desktop Spam Filter is often mentioned in "top spam fighting tool" lists....(more)

Spamfence: Review of the Free Spam Filter

Spamfence is a free spam filtering service that enables you to eliminate those potentially harmful spam messages and viruses that are lurking in your email box. Given that it is free, however, many internet users may wonder just how effective Spamfence truly is. Can the best free spam filter really provide you with a safe and secure online messaging system?...(more)


Clever Ways to Manage Passwords

Passwords are the barriers that keep hackers, posers, identity thieves, and fakers from getting your information, identity, and money. Just like installing locks to secure your home, it is also important that you fortify your online security. Every netizen should learn the art of assigning complicated and hard to crack passwords that are easy to remember. It should be something that is easy to recall, yet impossible to guess. People who forget email password end up with just as much hassle as getting hacked. They are restricted from accessing their accounts and the important files in them....(more)

How to Find an Email Password

If you are like most people, you have more than one email account. Sometimes, a person can forget an email password simply because they have too many email accounts, or because they have not logged into the mail server for some time. There are several ways to find an email password. One of the easiest ways is to enquire via the mail server....(more)

Reset Gmail Password

Like many people, you probably utilize a number of different email programs. Perhaps you have one for work and one for family. Maybe there is another for retail items and one that somewhere along the way became overfilled with spam and you now permanently use it as a junk email address. Chances are good that one of these is a Gmail account. If you follow the rules of sound email advice, you've got a plethora of passwords, and at some point you're bound to forget one or more of them. This article will help you complete a password reset in Gmail and similar email programs....(more)